[Verse 1: Stormzy]

Yeah, I don't know where to begin /我都不知 要從何說起
So I'll start by saying I refuse to forget you /但我是不會遺忘你的
I refuse to be silenced /我拒絕悶不吭聲
I refuse to neglect you /我不會讓你單槍匹馬
That's for every last soul up in Grenfell /祈禱那些生命喪失在 格蘭菲塔的大火

Even though I've never even met you /也許你我曾未相識

Cuh that could've been my mum's house /但那一刻 可能是我親人的宅邸

Or that could've been my nephew /可能發生在我的摯愛身上

Now, that could've been me up there /可能是我在那樓上
Waving my white plain tee up there /做這日常最簡單的事
With my friends on the ground trying a see up there /而我好友卻在樓下 焦頭爛額

I just hope that you rest and you're free up there /希望你們真正的解脫了

I can't feel your pain but it's still what it is /我無法替你承受 但還是痛在心懷

Went to the block just to chill with the kids /與孩子們在樓裡遊戲

Troubled waters come running past /惡水來勢洶洶

I'ma be right there just to build you a bridge, yo /但我會成為你的橋樑


[Verse 2]

When you're weary [Robbie Williams] /當你疲累了

And feeling small [James Blunt] /感覺多麼的渺小

When tears are in [Rita Ora] /而淚則不斷低

Your eyes [Craig David] /再眼眶中打轉

I will dry them all [Dan Smith] /我會輕輕低為你擦拭

I'm on your side [Liam Payne] /我會一直陪在你身邊

Oh, when times get rough [Emeli Sandé] /當時世局艱難之時

And friends just can't be found [Kelly Jones] /沒人在你左右



Like a bridge over troubled water [Paloma Faith] /我會像座橋一般 搭在惡水之上

I will lay me down [Louis Tomlinson] /用我自身 來成為你的橋樑

Like a bridge over troubled water [Labrinth] /好如那湧水上 立則不朽的大橋

I will lay me down [Jorja Smith] /將自己攤平 來讓你度過


[Break: Louis Rei]

So much pain in my heart /心多麼的絞痛

My community's moving me /大家的同進同出 感動了我

Choose to gleam as we're facing the dark /在面向艱難時刻 我們也要發光發熱


[Verse 3]

When you're down and out [Leona Lewis] /當你感到挫折 不被接納

When you're on the street [Jessie J] /獨自一人 流落街頭

When evening falls so hard [James Arthur] /而暮色毫不留情

I will comfort you [Roger Daltrey] /我會成為你的支柱

Yes, I will [Paloma Faith] /我保證會幫你

I'll take your part [Ella Eyre] /分擔這些包袱

When darkness comes [Anne-Marie & Ella Henderson] /當黑暗無情的來襲

And pain is all around [Louisa Johnson] /你被痛苦所掩埋



Like a bridge over troubled water [Robbie Williams, all voices] /就像那洶湧惡水上的大橋

I will lay, I will lay me down [James Arthur] /我會用自己的身體 承載著你

Like a bridge over troubled water [Choirs] /好似惡水上 屹立不搖的橋樑

I will lay me down [Rita Ora] /替你度過種種難關





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